Thursday, May 25, 2006


Carpe Diem Bash T-minus 9 days!!!!

We are getting really excited as our June 3rd Carpe Diem Bash approaches. We have the important things lined up things like a Thomas the Train bounce house, a noise ordinance and a port-o-jon. What more do we need. We can jump up and down for hours, yell as loud as we want and not have "use" the big oak tree at Colonial Park. It is coming together! We hope many of you faithful readers will be able to stop by. Any you unfaithful readers are welcome too. Just to rehash the plan... Bring Your Own Stuff. We are bringing the fun, the drinks & the cake. If you want a blanket, picnic dinner, a pick-up basketball game, bring it. For all you Barry Bonds types, you might want to head to the batting cage. Rumor has it a whiffle ball game is in the works. For all you hip-flaskers, we didn't pull a permit for alcoholic leave them at home or bring it in your "7-OP " can.

If you haven't responded to the Evite or if we inadvertently didn't send you an Evite, then let us know your coming by sending an email to Rachelle at

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