Tuesday, November 07, 2006


We're off!

We head to Yale tomorrow to see the "medicine man". Actually Dr. Foss is an MD and a woman. We hope good news awaits us. Last time we were there, Scott was still recovering from the episode he had in March. It was at that visit Dr. Foss prescribed Interferon shots. He has been faithfully sticking himself 3 days a week since then.

On another note, Will is off too. His mode is the commando crawl. Basically (pardon the pun) he uses his right arm and left leg to drag himself on the ground. All he needs is to visually acquire a target to launch at a top speed of 3 feet per second. He has learned that in his PJ's if he gets moving fast enough it goes like this: right-left-glide, right-left-glide.

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