Sunday, January 01, 2006


How You Can Help

Updated April 12, 2006:
Many of you have offered to assist us in some manner, and we've been overwhelmed with your generosity. And since you asked for suggestions, I will take the liberty of listing some ideas:

1) USAirways frequent flyer miles for our semi-annual (at a minimum) trips to Yale to see my specialist, Dr. Francine Foss. USAir is the only major airline that services New Haven, CT (HVN).

2) Hotel points for Marriott (30 Whalley Ave, 203.777.6221) or Omni (155 Temple St, 203.772.6664). Depending on flight schedules, we typically stay one or two nights. Both hotels offer special "Yale medical" rates.

3) An occasional meal. We were well cared for during my March Madness 2006, but a meal from time-to-time would be much appreciated.

4) Occasional baby-sitting. Get in line behind the grandparents, but even they can't help all the time! Staying with the kiddos would allow Rachelle and me some time to ourselves.

5) Financial gifts. It's difficult to mention this need, but the reality is that we've exhausted our annual medical flex dollars in just 3 months so any financial gifts are welcome. We have terrific insurance through Bank of America, but we still have significant out-of-pocket medical costs.

Thank you!

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