Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Post Yale update

Blogging from Au Bon Pain at the corner of York and Elm streets near the Yale University Campus, New Haven, CT.

We just completed my visit with Dr. Foss and it went well. My CTCL is re-manifesting itself as the infamous rash, and it looks like it did a year ago: "Not that bad." We discussed the most likely cause of March's Madness (drug reaction) and we're not likely to attempt any serious topical treatments prospectively. While not definitively clear as to the drug that initated the reaction, it was probably the topical Targretin.

Prospectively, we discussed a few options and settled on Interferon (see info here and here), which I will inject myself 3x week. Dr. Limentani in Charlotte will monitor my progress via blood work. Common side effects include muscle fatigue, fever, achiness and some dizziness, much like the flu! Dr. Foss said I should adapt to those side effects within 2-3 weeks. This option seems good to us as I'll be able to self-administer, which maintains a "normal" quality of life (ie: no traveling to Duke). We'll adjust the dosage frequency depending on how I react. This treatment, we pray will put it into remission and can be taken indefinitely to keep it in remission.

Other options we discussed included a clinical trial that Rachelle and I found on the National Cancer Institute's website, re-introducing photopheresis, or narrow-beam UVB treatment (via a light-box...sun tan anyone?). We'll start with the Interferon now, see how I react, then consider other options, if needed. We ruled out the clinical trial due to side effects.

We feel great about the visit and will come back in 3-4 months to see Dr. Foss again. She is very optimistic, saying that most folks diagnosed early (like me) maintain their staging (i.e. Stage IB) throughout their life.

Monday, June 26, 2006


Back to Yale

No, we're not going to New Haven to debate foreign policy with the intellectuals at Yale. Rather, we're going back to see Dr. Foss. This appointment is the long awaited follow-up after my drug eruption in March. For a while, I had relatively no signs of the lymphoma, but the rash is slowly re-emerging. I apply Cetaphil cream every other day or so, but otherwise, the rash is not that bad. However, I've been in the "not-that-bad" stage before and we're not going to wait until it gets annoying before getting after it. Hence, the return visit.

Please pray for wisdom as we chat with Dr. Foss, travel mercies (we'll be there and back again in 24 hours), rest and patience. Thanks for your continued partnership. I'll update the blog later this week with the latest.

Peace and Blessings,

Saturday, June 17, 2006


A Rookie No More

Today marks the end of my Rookie year as a CTCL Survivor and the beginning of my professional tour. What a year! My neighbor Chris had a relatively minor stroke June 6, 2005. We both commented today that we hope the next 12-months are "normal," but what's that?

For Rachelle and me, the year has been a year of blessing, though not seemingly so:
June 17, 2005: I was diagnosed with CTCL and we announced the pending arrival of Will.

Oct-Dec 2005: I was traveling twice a month to Duke and the CTCL was spreading. I got to spend time with Rachelle's Uncle Scott, Aunt Sarah (Uncle and Aunt in-law?) and cousin Connor; and my good friends Scott V. and Tim Conder came by several times.

January 10, 2006:Will arrives and immediately takes the persona of "Chill Will."

March 12, 2006: Will is baptized at Westminster Pres. and "March Madness" is in full swing for me.

May 28, 2006: My birthday and the day my grandmother, Sug Riley goes home with Jesus.

Rachelle and I were planning a day to commemorate my diagnosis anniversary (we postponed it due Sug's passing). But why would we commmeorate that day? Job 42:5 says, "My ears have heard of You, but now my eyes have seen You." We would have not seen how the Lord would take care of us, how He worked through His church had this last year not happened the way it did. We were able to encourage others as they encouraged us. Our faith was put to the test, and the Lord sustained us and even grew our faith. How could we not remember and reflect and give God praise for that day?

June 17, 2005 was a watershed day for this branch of the McClintock clan. We cannot forget it, but look forward to how the Lord will continue to bless us.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Life is Hard Work

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Guess What Happened Last Night!

Just Graduated from UNC Wilmington: $20,000
Post Graduation Cruise: $2,000
The Day you get ENGAGED: Priceless.

Rachelle's sister Rebekah and our future Bro-in-Law, Doug!!

Updated: Click here for Doug's alternate persona.

We're so happy for them!!

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