Sunday, November 16, 2008


Yes, we still exist

Yes, Rachelle and I still exist. We now have 7 kids....just kidding. We're quite content with our two. Anna Scott just turned 6 and is in kindergarten at Covenant Day School. Will is 2 and all boy. We moved in May to get a little more elbow room, moving about 7 miles towards Matthews. I (we) now have a garage and a bonus room, plus the kids have their own bathrooms. I included some pictures below from our backyard after I raked the mountains of leafs, which we then tumbled through and through.

On the medical front, I continue to show no signs of recurrence. I continue with treatments and see my docs periodically. Otherwise, I'm blessed to be in remission and remain thankful for your prayers.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


8 Years

Today marks my and Rachelle's 8th wedding anniversary. Significant in and of itself, eight years also denotes the amount of time it took me to woo Rachelle (some say con) into saying, "yes." So, tomorrow marks the day by which we will have been married longer than I have been wooing.

If you've been aware of our medical travails, the last few years have been challenging, to say the least, giving credence to the "or worse" part of our marriage vow. Yet the trials have tested, bent and stretched us in ways that have made us lean more on each other. We quickly give thanks to the Lord for this blessing.

Tomorrow brings 8 years plus 1 day…Another day of blessing to be called Rachelle’s husband. Join with us in celebrating eight blessed years.


Friday, July 27, 2007



Rachelle left for 5 days to Seattle for our niece's baptism (Rachelle's brother, Scott's daughter). Anyway, I'm all alone with the kids, but I think we're doing OK....

Thursday, June 28, 2007


No Signs

"Your skin is showing no signs of cancer," so says Dr. Foss. Can I get an Amen?

Rachelle and I traveled to see Dr. Foss yesterday, cautiously optimistic that we would receive good news. And we did!

I was diagnosed 2-years ago in June 2005 and have recently being receiving Interferon-a and narrowbeam UVB treatments 3x per week. We're scaling back the Interferon to 2x per week, then 1x per week over the next 6 months. Our goal is to eventually be down to Interferon 1x per month and the UVB 1x per week. We'll systematically step down the treatments to a minimum maintenance level, keeping a close eye for any signs of recurrence.

Technically, I am in remission, but that word is loaded and has many connotations. To be technically in remission, I would have to be treatment free and cancer free for 5 years. With the ongoing treatments, the results are essentially the same: the cancer is not advancing.

We are grateful for so many prayers on my behalf. Thanks and don't stop. The prayers are the one aspect of my treatment regimen that must continue and even increase!

Can I get an AMEN? Rachelle and I are still a bit numb from the journey, but we did have some downtime in Stoney Creek, CT (about 20 minutes east of New Haven) to enjoy a harbor cruise. Have you ever seen two more good looking, happy people?


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


2 Years

Father's Day, June 17, 2007 marked two years since I was diagnosed with CTCL. It seems like a long time ago, and so much of "life" has happened since then, including the addition of Will. Next Wednesday, June 27, I return to see Dr. Foss at Yale for a regular check-up. As I stated in an earlier post, I anticipate confirmation that we're making progress towards eradicating this disease. I hope so, but it will forever be a part of my story. Just today, for instance, I went to a new dentist and had to fill out the plethora of forms, including medical history: Have you ever suffered from cancer? Yes. Are you on any medications? Yes. Etc. Etc. I'm not depressed or embarassed about this aspect of my story, but actually take some pride in kicking cancer's ass (sorry mom). Dr. Foss should say the same her own professional manner, of course, and I should be able to scale back on some of my medications. I'll let you know. For all the pray-ers out there, keep it up. I am grateful for all of you.



Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Austin; Yale; Yada Yada

The McClintock's headed southwest in mid-May to visit our good friends, the Stokes - Macon, Kellsey, Aidan and Honor - in Austin, TX. Anna Scott was able to hold Honor a bit. Will practiced his future Blackberry skills while chillin' on the couch.

I'm scheduled to return to Yale on June 26 to see Dr. Foss. Rachelle and I have been encouraged as of late as the tell-tale rash is virtually non-existent. I've been continuing my Interferon treatments since last July and started narrowbeam UVB treatments in February. This regimen has yielded positive results, which I anticipate Dr. Foss to confirm. I suspect that Dr. Foss will recommend a maintenance regimen, scaling back the Interferon and the UVB. We'll see, but we're encouraged nonetheless. Oh, and I've lost 16 pounds since last July.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Will (Sky)Walker

Will (Sky)Walker challenges the Dark Force of Gravity!! Can he prevail against his lifelong Nemesis?

(2.5 minute video)

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Saturday, March 03, 2007


Happy Birthday

March 3, 2007. Happy Birthday, Rachelle!

Even the sun and moon wished Rachelle well, providing everyone with a lunar eclipse in her honor. Since we don't have a telescope (other than the one on Anna Scott's playset), we used my hunting binocs. Hey, a country boy will survive.


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Tuesday, February 20, 2007



Ok, so it's been a while since I posted. Sorry.

I started my narrow beam UVB treatments this week. The UVB is intended to compliment my Interferon treatments and eradicate the persistent CTCL rash. Plus, I should get a tan.

I'll be receiving UVB treatments 3x per week and it truly is like going to a tanning booth (though I've never been myself). Essentially, I stand in a booth wearing eye protection and get zapped for about a minute. They will increase the intensity at each visit until they find my tolerance level, as evidenced by my skin reaction.

After several months of this treatment, I'll go back to Yale for a follow-up.

Rachelle and the kiddos are doing well, though January was a blur with holidays, travel and one weekend where all three of them were sick with the flu. Anna Scott is starting to read and is into "chapter books." Will is now 13 months old and is quite verbal (for a 13 month old, that is). He's not quite walking, but is cruising and quite active.

I was elected a Deacon at our church, Westminster Presbyterian. Pray for the church...and for me.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Where's Anna Scott?

The Wedding is upon us. Rachelle's sister, Rebekah marries this Saturday (12/23) and the week's events are in full swing. Brother Rob, Brenda, Roberto (7) and Nicole (4) arrived from Monterrey, Mexico on Saturday. Nicole and Anna Scott are buds, even though they (A) don't speak the same language and (B) live 2,000 miles apart. They play together extremely well, in spite of the language barrier. Can you tell they're cousins? Anna Scott also had a ballet recital this past Sunday with her friend, Rachel.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Anna Scott's favorite part of making Christmas cookies: eating them (of course). She and Rachelle went to Nordstrom's on Saturday for "Breakfast with Santa." Rachelle said it was a scene right out of Miracle on 34th Street.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


ASM turns 4

Anna Scott turned the big 4 on Sunday, 11/12. She and 10 of her friends (including 1 boy!!) celebrated with us at the Harris YMCA indoor pool. The party was lots of fun and a success (no one drowned). Special thanks to Heath Greene who made and delivered the birthday cake.

Thursday, November 09, 2006



10:30pm, Tuesday night: Rachelle and I go to bed. The kids are with my mom.
4:00am (Wednesday): We're up. The sun is not.
6:10am: On plane to New York (LaGuardia).
7:46am: In black Denalli (just like Jack Bauer) to Grand Central Station from LaGuardia. It's rush hour in NYC.
9:07am: On board Metro-North train to New Haven, CT.
10:27am: Train breaks down. We de-train at the next stop (Greenwich), stand under a shelter while rain pours, wait for next train.
10:52am: Board next train for New Haven.
11:33am: Arrive New Haven. Taxi to Yale.
12:25pm: Nurse calls me back to begin appointment. Appointment update below.
2:35pm: Taxi back to train station. We have 15 minutes to catch the train.
2:52pm: On board train (we even had 2 minutes to use the restroom and get a bottled-water).
4:42pm: Arrive Grand Central. It's rush hour. Raining. Must-find-cab.
4:57pm: In cab from Midtown Manhattan to LaGuardia via the Midtown tunnel. It's rush hour.
5:42pm: Arrive LaGuardia. Print boarding pass. Praise Jesus, there's no line at security.
6:05pm: Grab "dinner" at airport.
6:52pm: On plane. En route to Charlotte.
8:52pm: Arrive Charlotte. Drive home.
10:30pm: Climb in bed.

Oh, the kiddos woke up at 6:00am this morning. :)

Appointment update: We had a good visit with Dr. Foss. I am responding "normally" to the Interferon, meeting her expectations. We were glad to hear it. She wants to add a complementary treatment, a form of light therapy (UVB; not PUVA) and/or Nitrogen Mustard. In combination with the Interferon, the UVB treatment should clear up the remaining rash (plus I'll get a sun tan; the first since 1983).

We left encouraged at my progress and certainly feel like we're making headway. Dr. Foss is collaborative in her care and I am in good hands, even though it takes a Jack Bauer effort to see her.

More later. Must-stay-awake-while-at-work.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


We're off!

We head to Yale tomorrow to see the "medicine man". Actually Dr. Foss is an MD and a woman. We hope good news awaits us. Last time we were there, Scott was still recovering from the episode he had in March. It was at that visit Dr. Foss prescribed Interferon shots. He has been faithfully sticking himself 3 days a week since then.

On another note, Will is off too. His mode is the commando crawl. Basically (pardon the pun) he uses his right arm and left leg to drag himself on the ground. All he needs is to visually acquire a target to launch at a top speed of 3 feet per second. He has learned that in his PJ's if he gets moving fast enough it goes like this: right-left-glide, right-left-glide.

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