Monday, October 30, 2006



I had a check-up / lab work this morning with Dr. Limentani. He was very encouraged, saying that I'm definitely responding to the Interferon. The tell-tale rash is not as visible as it was even 4 months ago, even with extra sensitivity from the cold weather. Whoo-hoo!

Rachelle and I have been cautious about the treatment's effectiveness, keeping our hopes in check. We're grateful that it appears the treatments are working and that we've had our first confirmation to that end.

Dr. L is quick to defer to Dr. Foss's judgment and notes that he is not a CTCL expert. However, Dr. Foss did say that I/others would be able to observe the effects. I go see Dr. Foss on November 8. My question for her is if the effects are happening as quickly and as thoroughly as she expected.

Thanks for your prayers.

Friday, October 27, 2006



The "Buds" are getting ready for All Saints Day, which is immediately preceded by All Hallows Eve. Whatever. They're cute.

In case you can't make out some of the details in the pics, here's a guide:
1) Will's shirt says, "I love my Mummy"
2) Will has two front teeth (lower).
3) Anna Scott's attire was picked solely by her and includes a black "Sweet Heart" shirt (the candy corn makes the heart), pink skirt and orange/black tights. Not pictured: purple/pink-ish cowboy boots.

Medical update: Rachelle and I travel back to Yale on November 8 for a check-up with Dr. Foss. We'll evaluate the effectiveness of the latest treatment, to which she may adjust dosage, frequency, or make no changes.

House: No offers yet, which is a bit discouraging, but we're only asking $3.2 million. What a deal.

Holiday: This weekend kicks off the holiday rush for us with Halloween, followed by 3 family birthday parties (including Anna Scott's), Thanksgiving, Aunt Rebekah's wedding (Rachelle's sister), Christmas, followed by 3 more family birthday's in January. (Plus college basketball, college football bowl games.) We may decide to sell our house and move to the Caribbean. :)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Surgical Clean

Many of you know what it is like to prepare a house to go on the market. Cleaning EVERYTHING and fixing EVERYTHING...It took us the better part of the month, but we are finally here. Probably the most painstaking cleaning happened to Scott. I rented a dumpster 2 weekends ago, and made him clean out the backhouse. WOW. Kellsey, maybe you can help me identify the clinical name of the disorder which makes people convulse when they consider throwing away something they "might need" someday. Another part of preparing has been making the downstairs of our house look like we don't have kids. Hmmm. And finally, making the house look like we have TONS of closet space has meant cleaning out every closet leaving only the bare minimum. ALL of this seems very sneaky to me. But on Sunday, I told Scott that I finally feel at home in our house, now that 1/3 of what we own is in storage.

Showing our house has taken this cleaning to the "surgical clean" category. In the bathrooms nothing is on the counter other than soap and a hand towel. Our laundry room is not functioning as a garage anymore. Before Anna Scott puts down a toy she is playing with, I hear myself saying, "Pick that up and put it away." Today while looking out at the back yard, I wondered if we could train Abbey to poop in one corner of the yard. A pristine house...the equal and opposite reaction of which is the Minivan. WOW- why don't they make central vacs for cars? Sunday when I climbed in bed, I found a pile of my dirty clothes under my pillow. Scott said since people always look in the closets, he didn't know where else to put them. Hmmm. This is definitely a case of "it's better to look good than to be good."

We officially put our house on the market on Thursday the week before last. We had 5 showings the first Saturday and we are up to 12 showings to date. We are hoping we have an offer soon. I would love to be in a new house by Christmas.

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