Friday, October 27, 2006



The "Buds" are getting ready for All Saints Day, which is immediately preceded by All Hallows Eve. Whatever. They're cute.

In case you can't make out some of the details in the pics, here's a guide:
1) Will's shirt says, "I love my Mummy"
2) Will has two front teeth (lower).
3) Anna Scott's attire was picked solely by her and includes a black "Sweet Heart" shirt (the candy corn makes the heart), pink skirt and orange/black tights. Not pictured: purple/pink-ish cowboy boots.

Medical update: Rachelle and I travel back to Yale on November 8 for a check-up with Dr. Foss. We'll evaluate the effectiveness of the latest treatment, to which she may adjust dosage, frequency, or make no changes.

House: No offers yet, which is a bit discouraging, but we're only asking $3.2 million. What a deal.

Holiday: This weekend kicks off the holiday rush for us with Halloween, followed by 3 family birthday parties (including Anna Scott's), Thanksgiving, Aunt Rebekah's wedding (Rachelle's sister), Christmas, followed by 3 more family birthday's in January. (Plus college basketball, college football bowl games.) We may decide to sell our house and move to the Caribbean. :)

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