Saturday, June 25, 2005


Stage IA - most likely

My bloodwork came back really postive. The lymphoma has not metastisized (spread to other parts of my body) and is only in my skin. The treatment, then, is extremely light, most likely topical steroid creams or nitrogen mustard, something to keep the "rash" on my skin from inflaming. I'm scheduled for a CT scan on July 1. This scan will confirm that I have no internal tumors as a result of the lymphoma. From there, I'll schedule periodic visits with my dermatologist and oncologist (1x each per year?) to monitor the lymphoma.

All in all, this is all realtively good news. We continue to be grateful for the prayers of His people on our behalf and have sensed His presence throughout this process. Please pray for Rachelle as well as for me. She not only has to deal with me and my doctor's appointments, she's dealing with being 10 weeks pregnant (morning sick, fatigue, etc., etc.).

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