Thursday, June 23, 2005


What the Doctors Said - June 22, 2005

It still seems surreal that I now have an oncologist.... Nevertheless, Rachelle and I met with 2 highly qualified, well-respected oncologists yesterday (June 22). Both had the same opinion: It ain't that bad.

"Lymphoma? Not bad?" Essentially, the Lymphoma was caught extremely early and I have mild case of it. While there's no cure for CTCL today, it is readily containable and treatable. Both were of the opinion that neither chemotherapy nor radiation treatments were yet necessary, but rather a form of light therapy called PUVA. (One side effect from PUVA is that I'll get a nice tan....finally!! And no tan lines!). We will not yet need to see anyone at MD Anderson in Houston as it would be pre-mature.

Rachelle and I slept really well last night as our heightened levels of stress and anxiety came down a few notches from this relatively good news. We are extremely grateful for the prayers of God's people for us. We have experienced His peace, have had doors open to see doctors immediately, have received acts of's hard to describe. Perhaps it was taste of Heaven - experiencing the Community of Faith (the Faith) here and now.

Thank you. Please keep praying.

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