Tuesday, June 21, 2005


What's Happening - June 21, 2005

It's Tuesday, yet it already seems that much more time has lapsed. We learned the results of the pathology report just last Friday, but since then:
1. I'm scheduled to see 2 oncologist in Charlotte tomorrow (Wed. June 22) - I'll need to pick one of them to be my ongoing oncologist.
2. I've made contact with MD Anderson in Houston. There's a chance I can see one of the doctors next week when I "swing" through (I'm driving from Charlotte to Austin next week with a friend who is moving there). If not next week, then I have an appointment with another doctor on July 20. Either way, it's amazing that I can be seen this quickly.

I mentioned above that "I" did this or that, I really mean to include Rachelle too. Today has been a busy day of phone calls, and Rachelle had been extremely engaged and my "Momma Bear." I'm blessed to have her on my team.

I'm equally blessed and quite impressed and encouraged by the prayers of God's people. Rachelle and I are seeing doors open, experiencing God's peace and being overly blessed with peoples' acts of kindness. Thank you...and keep praying.

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