Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Stage I - Confirmed

I saw my oncologist, Dr. Steven Limentani this morning. He reviewed the results of my recent CT scan and blood work: "Negative. Negative. Negative." The CTCL is only in my skin (the Cutaneous T-cells); it is not engaged in my Lymph nodes nor is it in my blood stream. We caught it early. Kudos to my dermatologist, Dr. Holly DeBuys for pursuing a diagnosis.

CTCL is extremely rare, so Dr. Limentani will refer me to another oncologist who specializes and has more experience with CTCL. Dr. Limentani, who, by the way, is Rick Hendrick's oncologist, will tap into his physician network and recommend the top 3 CTCL specialists in the country. Rachelle and I will then decide whom to see. This specialist, in turn will discuss the best treatment options available.

I still have cancer, which is still surreal to consider, but PRAISE BE TO GOD that it was diagnosed early. PRAISE BE TO GOD for the effective prayers of His people on our behalf. We are much blessed.

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