Thursday, August 04, 2005


Burden Bearing

Rachelle and I are off to NYC this weekend in prelude to my appointment with Dr. Francine Foss (and here) at Yale on Monday (11:00 am). My mom (aka McMom, Jacque) sent an email to immediate family this morning with the request to Bear this Burden with us, after Galatians 6:2. Her prayer request is quoted below and I ask you be a Burden Bearer. Many of you already have. We know it, feel it. Keep praying. It matters.

Please pray for:

Dr. Foss as she examines Scott and prescribes the right treatment that will bring about containment of the lymphoma and eventual healing.

Scott and Rachelle as they consider the treatment options that the right one will be evident
to them that will bring about containment/healing.

Scott and Rachelle in particular, but for all of us as we walk through this process

Complete healing . . . . . in God's timing for HIS GLORY.

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