Friday, August 12, 2005


Week 17 (updated)

Rachelle, Anna Scott and I went to see the popular Dr. Morris yesterday for Rachelle's 17 week, OB checkup. We had an ultrasound to check Baby #2's progress. We're happy to say that everything is on-track and OK.

Anna Scott was mildly fascinated with the ultrasound, saying it was, "fuzzy." We're still not quite sure she fully understands that her days of having undivided attention are limited. The due date is January 17, 2006.

Also yesterday, Anna Scott had an appointment with an ENT doctor. We've been concerned about her sleeping as she often snores and/or gasps for air. In short, her tonsils will have to come out. The procedure is scheduled for September 21.

So in summary: Rachelle and Baby #2-OK; ASM - tonsils out, but otherwise OK and excelling in her swimming lessons; Scott - set to begin treatments soon. We still feel blessed in so many ways and continue to covet your prayers!

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