Thursday, September 15, 2005


God's Providence via Staph

Here's a brief update regarding Anna Scott. You recall that ASM was to have her tonsils out next week (9/21). This past weekend, she got an insect bite of some kind that got really nasty. Rachelle took her to the weekend clinic (I was out of town being spiritual at the Westminster's Men's Retreat) on Saturday, then again on Sunday for a follow-up. They said we needed to have a pediatric surgeon look at it because it may need to be lanced. We said, "Lanced?!?!?! Surgeon?!?"

On Monday, we saw the surgeon. Monday was also Rachelle's big Golf Tournament for the Barnabas Center. She was already busy, now she (we - I dutifully gave up playing golf) had a surgeon to see. He advised to wait a few days to see if antibiotics would clear it (they didnt') and for the culture/lab work to return (staph infection), so today (Thursday), we're going in to have him cut it out. ASM will be sedated for about 30 minutes.

Where did God show up in this? Well, we mentioned to the surgeon that ASM's tonsils were to come out. He said we could do both procedures at the same time, but needed to work with a doc who could operate at the hospital downtown. So with a quick flip of his cellphone, he got us an instantaneous appointment with an impossible-to-see Pediatric ENT, who opined that a) the tonsils aren't that bad and can stay and b) that the risks of taking tonsils on a under-three year old and under 30 pounds outweights the benefits...something the first ENT didn't tell us and at whom we became quite incensed.

So God protected us and reminded us that He is God and we're not...even through staph infections. The procedure starts in about 90 minutes (11:30 am EST). Your prayers are appreciated.

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