Friday, November 18, 2005


Treatment update - 11/14/05

ASM turned 3 on Saturday (11/12). Her party was on Sunday (11/13), and on Monday (11/14), I went to Duke for the next round of treatments. All went well, I'm glad to report. I wasn't too tired afterwards and both treatments went for about 3 hours. It seems I've hit a rhythm in this process.

One little change is that I will not be going for a re-evaluation in December as I previously thought. Instead, I will go back to Yale in March. The change will allow me to have more treatments first, which will provide for a more effective analysis later. I have to work out my treatment schedule for the rest of December through February, juggling holidays and BABY #2, who is due to arrive around January 10.

Check back soon for photos/video from ASM's birthday party.

Thanks for everyone's continued prayers.

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