Friday, March 17, 2006


En Fuego MUCHO

The last 11 days have been a blur. Scott and I have experienced the pain and complexity of treating his lymphoma and it's horrible side effects. Scott had a drug eruption beginning on March 6. In the last 11 days Scott developed a very serious skin reaction. The doctors are not clear if it is due to the topical cancer-treatment he was applying to his skin, other medication he was taking or a combination of the two. He now has open wounds on his legs which are incredibly painful when touched in any way or if he tries to move around. I realized we had bottomed out when I was pushing Scott in a wheelchair to his appointment with a wound care specialist today. The good news is we hit bottom today and there is nowhere to go but up from here. He is under the care of his oncologist, dermatologist and a wound care doctor. Together they are covering all the dimensions of this latest reaction. We are all under the care of our church family, Westminster. Their practical love has been expressed through meal angels, laundry angels, bathtime angels, airfare-buddy-pass angel and our oncology nurse at Westminster :) Please pray for his healing. I have decided to travel to Yale with Scott on Tuesday because he is no condition to travel. I will be leaving Anna Scott and little (9 week old) Will with Scott's parents while I am gone. Please pray for all of these things and most especially for healing.
-posted by Rachelle

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