Monday, March 06, 2006


En Fuego

The past week has been a bit physically challenging. Historically, extreme cold weather (that is, temps in the 20's, low 30's) has caused my rash (the manifestation of the lymphoma) to itch and burn. Last week was one of those cold spells, and my legs took the brunt.

In the last 6 months, the rash has spread to my calves, having previously been mostly on my thighs and arms. For some reason, my calves have been on fire since the cold spell last week and a few spots have degenerated to open sores. My legs feel like they have a bad sunburn. Anything that touches them, rubs them, breaths on them, looks as them cross-eyed, hurts. Ouch.

For the regular readers, you're aware that I'm between treatments (new regimen starts this week), which may also be a reason why the rash is acting out. I've been coping with the burning with my regular application of topical Targretin, triamcinolone (0.1% steroid cream), Cetaphil (over-the-counter, non-comedogenic moisturizing cream) and Sarna (a topical analgesic).

Whatever the reason, it hurts and is uncomfortable. Long pants and socks are particularly aggravating (Believe me, if I could go without...). Rachelle and I are considering my clothing materials (i.e. wool = bad, cotton/poly = good) and anything else that will help me cope. I've also been in contact with my dermatologist to inquire of other possible remedies. I'll update this post if so.

So, I write this post not to complain, but to ask once again for your specific prayers. Rachelle has been particularly supportive, but feels helpless in caring for me. Anna Scott, wanting to be just like daddy, has taken to covering herself head to foot with her Strawberry Shortcake, sparkly lotion, while I apply my layers of goop. So cute and no, my lotions do not have sparkles. Thanks.

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