Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Good Appointment with the Docs

Our day at Yale Medical started at 9:30 and finished around 2:30. We met with Dr. Foss (my CTCL specialist) and a dermatologist who specializes in CTCL & its related skin complications. In short, we came up with a good plan to continue to fight the skin infections caused by the drug eruption. We got good answers to immediate questions and are glad we came. We're all experiencing some relief having done so much prep to get here. I will need to return in a month or so, once my current drug reaction has subsided. At that time we will be able to evaluate the status of the CTCL disease itself. All-in-all, we're doing well and will "enjoy" a quietier evening in New Haven and then travel home on Thursday.

Thanks again for your continued prayers.

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