Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Greatest Show on Earth

Last Saturday, I took Anna Scott to the circus. We got their early enough to participate in the "pre-show," which involved center ring-side seats as the clowns acted like..well, clowns. The highlight of the "pre-show" was the 9,000 pound elephant that was brought to the center ring. They did a few tricks then the elephant paraded around the inside of the ring as we sat on our knees just on the outside of the ring. Wow!! We even got to touch his trunk as he came by. ASM was really excited and didn't stop talking about it the whole time, though she continually refers to the elephant as the, "stinky elephant." We had a great time overall and it was a good Daddy/Daughter memory. Here are a few pics (taken from my cellphone, so they're not the best resolution).

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