Sunday, March 19, 2006


Latest on Scott

Please continue to pray for Scott. We are managing his pain as best we can with the strongest drugs available to us but he still has break-through pain. This weekend a number of family members have been to visit Scott. It has been shocking for them to see the degree of severity of his wounds. Scott's dad and my dad separately commented that it looks like the scene from movie The Passion of Christ after Jesus was flogged. I can't speak to that because I didn't see The Passion, but it is certainly the worst thing I have ever seen with my own eyes.

We are beginning to pack for our trip to Yale. The logistics are tremendous...It will be very challenging for Scott to travel in his condition. I am so grateful that I am going and I thank Dottie for her generosity in providing my ticket to go. We are trying to secure a wheelchair for the trip that we can pick up once we are in NYC.

Pray most of all that the Lord protects Scott and I from ALL illness while traveling. The trip from here to New Haven requires many transportation legs (airplane, cab, train) and it will be very cold in the Northeast this week. It is critical that he not have any secondary infections because his immune system is extremely compromised at this time.

I am holding up okay under the circumstances.

Love to you all- Rachelle

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