Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Plane, Cab, Train, Cab, Hotel

Rachelle, Macon (my good pal from Texas) and I all arrived safely in New Haven this evening. Thanks to my mom's good friend, Dottie, we all flew on buddy passess on Delta. Rachelle and I wisked thru Charlotte's security with no issues; everyone was nice and accomdating, even with the wheelchair we rented and brought with us. We met Macon at the airport and my dad had arranged for a car service to ferry us to Grand Central for our train to New Haven. Fortunately, the train was on the main level and we zipped right to it.

Comic relief: When we landed at Laguardia a little old lady tried to commander our wheelchair at planeside, thinking it waiting for her. Rachelle had to (kindly) inform her of her mistake and booted her into the passing luggage carrier.

I was able to stay ahead of my pain curve and have been (fairly) comfortable all day.
Tomorrow's schedule starts around 10 with more blood work, then my meeting with Dr. Foss. Please continue to pray for us, specifically for wisdom and clarity as we interact with her tomorrow.


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