Monday, March 20, 2006


Yale Bound

Rachelle and I had a hectic day with final logistics in preparation for our trip to Yale. God heeded the many prayers of His people and allowed us to accomplish a lot today. We feel ready and prepared to go. The docs all gave me "clearance" to go (that the risk of secondary infections are sufficiently mitigated), and my Wound Doc (did you know there was such a doc?) took a different approach to dressing my wounds for both healing and immediate comfort. My pain meds rock. I hardly feel any eaffffex.

We continue to covet your prayers, specifically:
-Flight logisitics: we're flying standby on a buddy pass and our friend Macon is joining us from Texas.
-Other travel logistics with the luggage and me being in a wheelchair.
-Wisdom for Dr. Foss at Yale on what has happened, what we're going to do about it in the near-term and the implications to my long-term care.
-My work: my office has been most supportive, but I've missed many days the past few weeks and don't need to nor want to stress over the work that I'm unable to delegate. Pray that I can reasonably return to the office and efficiently and quickly catch up.

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