Sunday, April 23, 2006


Prayer Happens, Sug, Roses

Prayer Happens. This past Saturday, the two angels below, Judie and Gaye hosted a prayer meeting for me. Attending were several of my parents' life-long friends and it was a fanastic time of prayer and fellowship. I know people have been praying for me for some time and that this clique has been praying for me. I was encouraged by their prayers and kind words. One pray-er said that he had known me for 30-years and had seen the Lord's hand in my life for all those years. And now, even with this disease, we know His hand is still upon me and guiding our paths (may they be smooth!).

I also know that my parents were encouraged by our prayer time. As I said above, these folks are my parents' life friends, and they are walking along side my parents now. There's something special about the community of faith and the faithful community that surrounds my parents is just a small taste of heaven.

Sug is my maternal grandmother, of whom I mentioned in a post below. Her health is not well and continues to decline. Suzanne (my sister) and I went to Columbia today to visit her and Big Daddy. Our visit was good, but hard. Pray for the Lord's Will to be done and for wisdom and peace for the family.

This rose is currently blooming in Rachelle's garden. After my drug reaction in March, I take more time to smell the roses. (Don't attempt to smell this rose. You'll only smudge your computer screen.)

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