Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's been 2 weeks + 1 day on Interferon. I saw Dr. Limentani yesterday to guage my progress. His primary role is to monitor how I'm handling the side effects and to make sure my bloodwork is "normal." Indeed the results of my latest CBC/CMP were "normal."

Overall, the predominant side effect has been fatigue followed by mild depression and related irritability (Am not!). Both Dr. Limentani and my primary care doc, Dr. Barnard said I should push myself to exercise, even though I don't feel like it. For someone who ususally doesn't feel like exercising (know anyone like that?), I especially don't feel like exercising while on Interferon.

(Actually, Dr. L said my attitude towards my Inteferon should be that of an A__hole, that I should not let Interferon run my life, but that I run over it! I asked if he could write me a note to act like that, so I can show co-workers that I have an excuse now...oh wait, he didn't say act like that towards others...just toward the med. Alas.)

Nevertheless, I rode my Trek for about 30 minutes this morning, even after taking Interferon last night (Take that!). So far, I feel good today. We'll see how my energy lasts this evening...I may go to bed tonight at the same time as Anna Scott! I'm meeting my friend Jeff today for lunch at Johnny Burrito, so I made need an afternoon nap from the food-coma, but I should be OK for the day.


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