Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Labor Day

Rachelle and I saw Will Ferrell's Talledega Nights on Friday night. It was a comical, pointless, plotless movie, making fun of most of the NASCAR stereotypes. We loved it.

On Saturday, I did this:

Pictured L to R: Lane, me, Ford (8) and Jonathon. We marked our 16th annual (I think) Labor Day dove hunt. We all had a pretty good day. I grilled my birds on Sunday night. Yummy, but Rachelle passed. No, I didn't wear my blue shirt while hunting, but have already changed. It was a bit, er...gamey at the end of the day.

Medical: I continue to adjust to my (new) medications, and am seeing progress. Praise God! I'm planning to return to Yale mid-October.


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