Thursday, November 09, 2006



10:30pm, Tuesday night: Rachelle and I go to bed. The kids are with my mom.
4:00am (Wednesday): We're up. The sun is not.
6:10am: On plane to New York (LaGuardia).
7:46am: In black Denalli (just like Jack Bauer) to Grand Central Station from LaGuardia. It's rush hour in NYC.
9:07am: On board Metro-North train to New Haven, CT.
10:27am: Train breaks down. We de-train at the next stop (Greenwich), stand under a shelter while rain pours, wait for next train.
10:52am: Board next train for New Haven.
11:33am: Arrive New Haven. Taxi to Yale.
12:25pm: Nurse calls me back to begin appointment. Appointment update below.
2:35pm: Taxi back to train station. We have 15 minutes to catch the train.
2:52pm: On board train (we even had 2 minutes to use the restroom and get a bottled-water).
4:42pm: Arrive Grand Central. It's rush hour. Raining. Must-find-cab.
4:57pm: In cab from Midtown Manhattan to LaGuardia via the Midtown tunnel. It's rush hour.
5:42pm: Arrive LaGuardia. Print boarding pass. Praise Jesus, there's no line at security.
6:05pm: Grab "dinner" at airport.
6:52pm: On plane. En route to Charlotte.
8:52pm: Arrive Charlotte. Drive home.
10:30pm: Climb in bed.

Oh, the kiddos woke up at 6:00am this morning. :)

Appointment update: We had a good visit with Dr. Foss. I am responding "normally" to the Interferon, meeting her expectations. We were glad to hear it. She wants to add a complementary treatment, a form of light therapy (UVB; not PUVA) and/or Nitrogen Mustard. In combination with the Interferon, the UVB treatment should clear up the remaining rash (plus I'll get a sun tan; the first since 1983).

We left encouraged at my progress and certainly feel like we're making headway. Dr. Foss is collaborative in her care and I am in good hands, even though it takes a Jack Bauer effort to see her.

More later. Must-stay-awake-while-at-work.

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