Tuesday, February 20, 2007



Ok, so it's been a while since I posted. Sorry.

I started my narrow beam UVB treatments this week. The UVB is intended to compliment my Interferon treatments and eradicate the persistent CTCL rash. Plus, I should get a tan.

I'll be receiving UVB treatments 3x per week and it truly is like going to a tanning booth (though I've never been myself). Essentially, I stand in a booth wearing eye protection and get zapped for about a minute. They will increase the intensity at each visit until they find my tolerance level, as evidenced by my skin reaction.

After several months of this treatment, I'll go back to Yale for a follow-up.

Rachelle and the kiddos are doing well, though January was a blur with holidays, travel and one weekend where all three of them were sick with the flu. Anna Scott is starting to read and is into "chapter books." Will is now 13 months old and is quite verbal (for a 13 month old, that is). He's not quite walking, but is cruising and quite active.

I was elected a Deacon at our church, Westminster Presbyterian. Pray for the church...and for me.

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