Thursday, June 28, 2007


No Signs

"Your skin is showing no signs of cancer," so says Dr. Foss. Can I get an Amen?

Rachelle and I traveled to see Dr. Foss yesterday, cautiously optimistic that we would receive good news. And we did!

I was diagnosed 2-years ago in June 2005 and have recently being receiving Interferon-a and narrowbeam UVB treatments 3x per week. We're scaling back the Interferon to 2x per week, then 1x per week over the next 6 months. Our goal is to eventually be down to Interferon 1x per month and the UVB 1x per week. We'll systematically step down the treatments to a minimum maintenance level, keeping a close eye for any signs of recurrence.

Technically, I am in remission, but that word is loaded and has many connotations. To be technically in remission, I would have to be treatment free and cancer free for 5 years. With the ongoing treatments, the results are essentially the same: the cancer is not advancing.

We are grateful for so many prayers on my behalf. Thanks and don't stop. The prayers are the one aspect of my treatment regimen that must continue and even increase!

Can I get an AMEN? Rachelle and I are still a bit numb from the journey, but we did have some downtime in Stoney Creek, CT (about 20 minutes east of New Haven) to enjoy a harbor cruise. Have you ever seen two more good looking, happy people?


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